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Milk producer needed the right stretch film for their beverage industry application

In the beverage industry, products are constantly changing temperatures. The temperature swings aren't good for more stretch film materials. Fortunately with Air-Flow Stretch Wrap, stretch film for the beverage industry provides significant cost savings.


Individual cartons were stacked into pallet loads while the cream was still between 20c - 30c. They were then wrapped using a regular stretch film and placed into a blast chiller (pictured above). Two hours later, once the cream had fallen to less than 5c, the load was moved, the stretch film removed and the individual cartons shrink wrapped into multiple product units. Unfortunately, due to this process, the product then needed to be placed back into the chiller in order to cool it down again. Only when the products temperature was back below 5c was it ready to once again be wrapped in stretch film so that it could finally be dispatched.

milk producer needed the right stretch film By switching to Air-Flow Stretch Film, it meant that the product now only needed to be chilled for one hour.


By switching to Air-Flow stretch film, it meant that the product now only needed to be chilled for one hour. As a result, the production line became less congested, improving production volumes by 100% and there were other production savings too. Because the product was permanently aerated it also meant that the load could even be cooled when it was in transit!

Air-Flow benefits:

  • Reduces Condensation
  • Eliminates need for separate cooling
  • Has no freeze breaking point
  • Elasticity up to 70%
  • 100% Recyclable
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