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Our line of specialty films include Poly Pallet Banding, Air-Flow Stretch Wrap, Colored Stretch Wrap Film, Securi-Wrap, PVC wrap, Static Dissipative Films and meat film. Specialty stretch films provide unique packaging solutions for your company's specific needs and our expert stretch wrap staff can help you identify the most cost effective stretch film packaging solution. Our prime distributing partners include Gale Wrap, Sigma Stretch Film, and Linear stretch films.
Colored Stretch Wrap & Specialty Films
Engineered Stretch Film
Engineered Stretch Film Quick Filter
Securi Wrap Opaque Stretch Film
Securi Wrap Opaque Stretch Film Quick Filter
PVC Printers and Laundry Films
PVC Printers and Laundry Films Quick Filter
Static Dissipative Wrap
Static Dissipative Wrap Quick Filter
Meat Film
Meat Film Quick Filter
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