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Hand stretch film

Hand Stretch Film

For all your hand stretch packaging film needs, discover the difference of this hand stretch films superior strength, puncture resistance, and reduced costs. This hand wrap film is high clarity and will wrap loads fast and with little to no effort.

Our stretch film has a great variety of applications as an industrial packaging product. Our stretch film wraps are also available from 60 gauge to 120 gauge for various load types.

Machine stretch film

Machine Stretch Film

Machine grade stretch film and stretch wrap has unrivaled load-holding force and unparalleled puncture resistance. These stretch films are designed to provide enhanced protection for loads of all shapes and sizes.

Machine stretch film is engineered to work with a variety of stretch wrap machines and equipment. Stretch wrapping machines are able to provide tighter, more stable pallet loads. Machine wrapping will increase load retention while providing greater damage and puncture resistance during transit.

Colored Stretch Wrap & Specialty Films

Stretch Wrap Equipment & Machinery

Low Volume Wrapping

These products are ideal for companies that need stretch wrap for pallet wrapping and large materials.

Small Bundling Wrapping

These products are for small loads and or companies who only need to apply stretch wrap to small materials.

Automated Wrapping

These products are used with large loads and quantity requiring stretch wrap machines.

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From Our Customers

Received item on time and works great for the purpose I needed it for.
Fredric Christiansen April 5, 2018
As described and arrived on time. The thickness of this is great for packing to move.
DoonerDogs March 9, 2018
XLNT products, good quality, good prices. Thanks much!!
Andy November 29, 2017
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