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How to wrap a pallet with stretch film

Stretch wrapping by handWrapping with stretch filmis a packaging technique used in many industries to secure items to a pallet for shipping. When there's multiple boxes or products by a pallet, it's the best way to secure the load. Stretch film may seem pretty straight forward, but there's a right way to go about things before you get started. Let's go over how to correctly wrap a pallet using stretch film. 1.Choose the right size: Before you begin any stretch film process, make sure the pallet itself is the right size for your products. Choose a pallet that will completely cover the base area of all your products. Not choosing the right pallet size could result in shipping damage, something now one wants to deal with.Check out our hand stretch film selection.

2.Keep it tight: Your products need the protection they deserve and the best way to do that is to keep them compacted together on the pallet. This prevents movement of the products once they've been wrapped by stretch film. Also, make sure you can reach all your products with the film once they're placed on the pallet. This makes it easier to use the stretch film for wrapping the pallet, and decreases the amount of bending and stretching around the load.

Stretch Film wrapping pallets

3.Attach the film: Start by securing the stretch film to the pallet. We recommend crushing some of the film into a rope shape and wrapping it around one corner of the pallet. This is a great way to start your stretch film process because the film will stay tight around the pallet.

4. Start from the base of the pallet:The base of the pallet is where you should start and then make your way up. Make sure to w

rap the film tightly around the pallet several times so it keeps a strong hold. Each layer of the film around the pallet should be tightly joined to the previous one. This way you'll have a good overlap with each layer of the film.

5.Structural integrity: Testing is key here. Once you get to the top of the pallet, make sure you test the wrapped pallet to ensure integrity. You want to make sure the film is tight against your products so no movement will occur. Once you're satisfied with the wrapped pallet, just tear off a piece of the film and fold it under one of the pallet edges.

There's many different filmsavailable so you need to make sure you know how to wrap the pallet first. Now that you know where to begin, check out our full selection of hand stretch films.

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