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VCI film products (including VCI packaging, VCI poly, VCI stretch film, VCI shrink film, VCI films for corrosion resistance, and VCI classic films) provide proven corrosion protection. The corrosion inhibitors are extruded directly into the polyethylene film. As a result, the volatile and contact inhibitors provide long-term corrosion protection that is clean, non-discernible, and odorless. VCI stretch film offers the same handling ease as polyethylene. The VCI stretch wrap is strong, stretchable, and stays in place. VCI stretch film provide excellent clarity and cling. It is ideal for rust prevention for odd-shaped and/or large metal parts during storage and shipment.
  • Polyethylene films are weakened by prolonged exposure to UV (sunlight or fluorescent) light.
  • Standard films may fail within 3 to 6 months with intensive UV exposure.
  • Blown stretch films and cast stretch films are available with UV inhibitors which stabilize the stretch film and provide an extended storage life.
  • UV stretch film does NOT protect the product from UV damage, only the film itself.
  • VCI Stretch FIlm
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