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UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) are used in palletizing products for long term outside storage. Weather Wrap is a clear stretch film which provides protection from the elements. This protection reduces damage caused by ultraviolet rays while maintaining strength and load holding integrity during prolonged outdoor exposure.

Weather Wrap U.V.I. formulation is tested under controlled conditions (accelerated aging weatherometer).

Ultraviolet light, oxygen, and heat all will degrade polyolefins and cause brittleness, color change, and product failure. However, there are additives called UVI (ultraviolet inhibitors) that trap the free radicals which form during the photo-oxidation process thus retarding the breakdown of the polyolefin. The UV products have been engineered using an instrument that attempts to duplicate nature and accelerate the weathering process. By doing this, a correlation is drawn between film life and exposure to UV light. The industry standard is presently a retained longation of 50% after 1600 hours in the accelerated weathering tester, and this film conforms to this standard. As a reference, 2000 hours is generally accepted as one year in the Southern Florida sun. It should also be noted that the test is performed with unstretched 80 gauge film under laboratory conditions and will vary depending on the variables mentioned earlier. We recommend and require a minimum thickness of 80 gauge and a maximum stretch level of 150% for optimum protection.

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