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The Nelson Wrap Dispenser is the best way to stretch film wrap small, medium, or large cargo with ease. No more bending 'til your back gives out, or reaching high above your head and straining your neck. This stretch wrap dispenser creates a safer environment and is easy to use. The Nelson Wrap Dispenser is tension controlled with a handbrake for the tightest possible wrap. This hand dispenser captures the skid as well as it's load and only one operator is needed.

  • Accommodates various shaped pallets

  • Lightweight, aluminum hand held dispenser

  • Modular design allows for quick cylinder exchange

  • Keeps the laborer in a natural position, reducing back and work related injuries

  • Comfortable to hold and operate on any-size load

  • Patented brake system ensures tighter wrap and less film wasted

  • Self-oiling materials provides smooth, consistent action

  • Tension control for preferred stretch

  • Made in the USA

  • Achieves tighter wrapped pallets to reduce freight claims

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Made in USA
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289579 Nelson Wrap Dispenser 0.00 EA* 0%3%5%8%
Height6 in
Length60 in
Lbs/UOM3 lbs.
ColorBlack/ Silver
TypeWrap Dispenser - 60" (Length)
Roll Dimensions11" -20" Rolls
Width11"-20" Hand Stretch Film
Lead Timein 1-2 Business Days
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