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The Advantages of Eco-Friendly Stretch Wrap

These days, sustainability is a popular buzzword that comes with many connotations.It seems like just aboutall businesses in nearly every industry boast some sort of green product or environmentally conscious process.It sometimes feels as if sustainable practices are just a fad, but they are in fact more thanatemporarytrend.Those working in the packaging industry have long known that sustainable methods are here to stay, as these eco-conscious strategies help the entire world work toward a better future.One such method that is simple without sacrificing effectiveness or budget friendliness is eco-friendly stretch wrap. Lets breakdown the details.

What is Sustainability?

In the world of packaging, sustainability is a relatively straightforward concept. It simply refers to thepractice of reducing materials or resources or using them in a more effective way to package or manufacture goods.By implementing sustainable operations and processes in the packaging industry, we help move to a better environment for the entire globe. In fact, many major corporations and retailers arefollowing suitand taking steps to prioritizeenvironmentally conscious vendors and partners. Eco-friendly stretch wrap is an easy way to enhance your businesss sustainability efforts and meet the demands of these companiesand consumers. Better yet, you get to feel good about doing the right thing for our natural world.So how exactly do these vendors and suppliers utilize eco-friendly stretch wrap? roll of green colored eco-friendly stretch wrap film on its side

The Problem

  • Companies are looking to utilize more sustainable products and packaging materials
  • Concern about whether green packaging suppliesmight compromiseaproducts integrity or security

The Solution

  • Stretch Film Depot recommends utilizing eco-friendly stretch wrap
  • This green stretch film boasts both sustainability and premium product protection

Environmental Benefits with Savings

Sustainable packaging materials offer more advantages than helping the environment, as they can also assist with cost savings for your business. Eco-friendly stretch wrap is an excellent example of this.Through its exceptional load stabilizing capabilityandits ability to bundle products securely throughout theentirety of theshipping and handling processes, eco-friendly stretch wrapeasily maintains the integrity of your products.This reduces your expenses on unnecessary things like product damage or replacements, while helping the environment at the same time by minimizing the need for extra fuel and emission-filled shipping journeys.

Finding the Correct Gauge for Your Stretch Film

Because it is such a versatilematerial, eco-friendly stretch wrap is available in a wide range of different gauges, which is the unit of measurement for the thickness of the film.In the past, thinner stretch wraps cost less, but theywere alsomore likely to break if used on heavier applications.Eco-friendly stretch wrap is one such option that provides the ability to down gauge, save money, and use less material overall.

Eco-Friendly Stretch Wrap for Long-Term Sustainability

Packagingsupplies are one of the most necessary aspects of any business that manufactures or sells any type of product. Because they must be usedto get your goods from Point A to Point B and everywhere in between, it only makes sense to use the kinds that can protect your goods and your budget. Eco-friendly stretch wrap can do all of that while also offering sustainable benefits that make our world a better place. Learn how we can help you find this material and more when you call Stretch Film Depottodayat 1-888-653-0988.

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