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Eco-Supreme Stretch Film Gets Down to the Wire

We recently worked with a customer based out of North Carolina who manufactureswire products. The business was previously purchasing an18 inchx80 gaugehand stretch film that they used to keep all of their wire goods on a pallet.When this customer came to us, we examined their process and suggested they make the switch to our Eco-Supreme stretch film.At first, the company was hesitant to believe that the Eco-Supreme would be a better choice, as it is thinner than what they had been using. However,after we provided an in-plant demonstration of this new stretch wrap,our customers soon realized that it is also much stronger than the 80-gaugeversion. One of the huge benefits of the Eco-Supreme stretch film over what the wire manufacturer had previously used was that it would allow them to save as much as 40% on every single case of stretchwrapthey purchased. The employees at the location we visited were so pleased with these numbers that they soon contacted twootherplants within the company to inform them of the immense savings they could receive. Between all three of these wire manufacturing plants, they ordered ninetotalpallets of Eco-Supreme stretch film and saved more than $9,000 off their very first order.In fact, they even toldtheirnew account managerfrom Stretch Film Depotthat they were disappointedthattheir previous supplier hadnt helped them find a similar down gauge option.

The Problem

A manufacturer based in North Carolina wasnt impressed with the strength of the 80-gauge stretch wrap they had been using to secure wire products onto pallets.
  • The stretch film didnt offer enough strength to handle the companys goods
  • Money was lost because products were damaged in transit
  • The stretch wrap frequently ripped or tore during both shipping and storage
  • To top it all off, the film was too expensive to justify

The Eco-Supreme Stretch Film Solution

Our team helped the wire manufacturer make the switch to Eco-Supreme stretch film. Even though it is thinner than their previous wrap, it is stronger and allowed them to order nine pallets worth of product and save an outstanding 40% per case of film over their previous stretch wrap.
  • Eco-Supreme is a thinner gauge, but still stronger
  • Environmentally friendly stretch wrap
  • Top-notch performance capability
  • Cost savings ofup to40% per case of Eco-Supreme stretch film

A Variety of Advantages

This premium hand stretch wrap is truly one of a kind. Eco-Supreme stretch film pairs a low gauge with exceptional strength, much like an engineered film.Each roll is lightweight so that your team members dont grow tired simply from carting the film around and wrapping each pallet by hand. Eco-Supreme stretch film also features reinforced edges so that it is even more resistant to tearing than standard hand wraps, and it even boasts a powerful cling that works on all types of loads. These are just a few of the benefits of Eco-Supreme stretch film. If youre ready to add it to your packaging process,contact our team today.

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