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Air-Flow Stretch Wrap is the Solution

How do you ensure that fresh produce gets across the sea, over the highways, and into the store all without getting bruised or growing rotten? Growers today face more and more pressure in their operations. The time it takes for produce to be picked, packed, shipped, and then sold seems to get shorter and shorter every day. All the while, the highest possible quality and freshness levels must be maintained throughout the entire process. Thankfully, air-flow stretch wrap can help meet these seemingly impossible standards.

In order to guarantee good quality levels, it is essential for one of our larger customers to wash down their produce in hot water before it is packed into boxes. As you can imagine, a high degree of latent heat is very often still present when the produce is packed.

Corners and straps were considered, but turned out to be too expensive for the customer and too difficult to dispose of once they reached the retailer. In a final attempt to find the correct packaging method for the produce, our customer tried to use a regular stretch film to satisfy operational requirements. To the dismay of our customer, a great deal of condensation was trapped in between the solid layers of stretch film. The subsequent build-up of moisture had a number of unpleasant effects. It damaged the outer boxes, creating an unsightly load that resulted in customer returns.

Instead of a standard solid stretch film, we recommended using Air-Flow stretch wrap. Air-Flow stretch wrap features die-cut ventilation that allows the produce to breathe and does not trap any kind of moisture or condensation. By switching to Air-Flow stretch wrap, the customers mind could rest easy knowing that their produce would arrive in faultless condition.

The Problem

Customer tried to use a regular stretch film to satisfy operational requirements.

  • Corners and straps were extremely expensive
  • Corners and straps were difficult to dispose of
  • Condensation was trapped between layers of standard stretch film
  • That condensation damaged the product and lead to numerous customer returns

The Solution

We suggested the use of Air-Flow Stretch Wrap rather than a solid stretch film.

  • Air-Flow stretch wrap allows the produce to breathe
  • Does not trap moisture or condensation
  • Reduced number of returns
  • Products arrived in perfect condition

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